TimeAppsule is a time-locked greetings and gifting App. A personalised ‘Appsule’ (like a virtual Time Capsule) is filled with selected ‘gifts’ using the functionality of your iPhone including photos, videos, voice recordings, an invite to a set location and personal messages.

Once you’ve added your personalised gifts, the Appsule is sealed, locked and sent to a recipient set to open on a specific date and time up to one year in the future. The recipient cannot open their Appsule until the clock counts down to zero. All they see is your chosen design and message and a clock counting down. Unlike a normal gift, the recipient can’t squeeze, sniff, shake or take a peek to see what’s inside in advance (very frustrating but all part of the TimeAppsule experience!).

There are lots of Appsule designs to suit any occasion and what’s more, there are no postage costs or carbon footprints stomping all over the planet.

Appy Days :)