TimeAppsule FAQs

1. Help! The App has thrown a wobbly and is missing some of the buttons and/or has jammed?
We are really sorry this has happened. If you experience any problem with the app suddenly doing weird and not so wonderful things like locking, not showing the correct screens or anything remotely odd, we suggest you reboot your phone and/or delete and re-load the app.

2. Does a recipient have to have an Apple device to receive an Appsule?
Yes, the recipient will have to have downloaded the Time Appsule App from the Apple app store. We are looking to support other devices in the future.

3. What happens if I send an Appsule to someone who doesn’t have the App installed?
We can’t quite believe that anyone wouldn’t have the App however, if this does happen, the recipient will receive an email informing them they have received a Time Appsule and that they have to download the App in order to view their Appsule. They will receive a link making it really easy to download the App.

4. Can an Appsule be opened before it’s specified time and date?
No. Annoying huh? It may be possible in the future with the permission of the sender but not yet.

5. Can I create my own Appsule design?
Not at the moment. However, we are currently working to add this functionality so watch this space.

6. Can I edit an Appsule once it has been sent?
Yes. You can edit an Appsule up to 10 minutes before the set opening time.

7. Can I re-call or delete a sent Appsule?
No. Once an Appsule has been sent, you cannot delete it, recall it or change the opening time and date. The good news is that you can edit the content (see previous question).

8. Can I re-send an Appsule I have sent or received?
No, sorry. Current technology won’t play ball on this one.

9. Can I edit an Appsule sent to multiple recipients?
You can but ALL recipients’ Appsules will be edited so you can’t be picky whose Appsule you edit.

10. Is it possible to send a voucher in the Time Appsule?
Not yet. However, we are currently working on this functionality. Hopefully you will soon be able to send ‘real’ gifts in the form of a voucher.

11. What is the maximum size of a Time Appsule?
You can send up to 5 gifts or items in an Appsule. However, if you put too much in an Appsule it could take a very long time for the content to download to the recipient’s device.

12. How far ahead can a Time Appsule be set to open?
You can send Appsules up to a year in advance so there is no excuse to ever forget another birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

13. What’s the shortest time I can send an Appsule?
You can literally send an Appsule set to open in a matter of minutes. However, we suggest a minimum of 10 minutes allowing for technology to do it’s thing and ensure it arrives with the recipient in time to view the grand opening!

14. How long a video can I include in the Appsule?
Videos should be no longer than 15 seconds. If they are then only the first 15 seconds will be sent.

15. Do I need a network connection to receive a Time Appsule?
Yes. It is also much quicker if you use a WiFi connection.

16. What happens if the App crashes or I lose a connection whilst I’m creating a new Appsule?
If the application crashes while you are creating an Appsule, you will need to restart the process, sorry. If you lose connection whilst creating an Appsule, this won’t matter as the app will cache the gifts you are adding locally. You will however need a connection to complete the final step and send the Appsule.

17. I have sent an Appsule but the recipient hasn’t received it.
Please check the email address you have sent the Appsule to is correct and that the recipient has logged into their TimeAppsule account using the same email you have sent the Appsule to. If the recipient has used an alternative email address you can either send another Appsule to this address or they can log into their account using the alternative address.

How do I contact TimeAppsule?
You can email us at info@timeappsule.com or visit our website www.timeappsule.com