TimeAppsule – The Story So Far…

What started as an idea for a ‘physical’ product over 15 years ago has morphed into a unique App – The TimeAppsule.

In 1998, a then much younger graphic designer, Neilsen McConnell, sat at his desk doodling away (as you do) and designed a ‘Time Capsule’. The Time Capsule would be a unique and novel new way to package a gift. A Capsule would be filled with a gift then closed and locked with an integrated clock set to open on the lucky recipient’s birthday, at Christmas or whatever time and date on any number of occasions.

This idea was patented and presented to a major retailer who was terribly excited about the Time Capsule but sadly funds were too limited to move beyond this stage due to manufacturing costs of a prototype. So, like many great ideas, the Time Capsule went into hibernation.

Fast forward several years to 2011 and a then slightly older Neilsen sat doodling at his desk (as he does) on a particularly quiet summer’s day and breathed life back into the Time Capsule. Not wanting to be accused of being stuck in the 90’s, Neilsen had a light-bulb moment and decided the Time Capsule could be re-born as an App.

The doodles developed into real designs which soon became the foundations of an App. What Neilsen hadn’t quite envisaged however was that when he sent his designs to Louise (his then girlfriend) asking what she thought – this is when the journey really started.

As a lateral thinking marketeer, this was one challenge Louise simply couldn’t ignore (and she couldn’t bear another 15 years of ‘what if?’). The App was christened TimeAppsule and the long gestation period began.

Like most great ideas, nothing is ever quick or easy. Once developers were found, what was to be a “16 week build”, some 15 months later still fell extremely short of Neilsen’s original vision. So – back to the drawing board (literally), further raids were made on the life savings*, new developers were found (the lovely boys at Intohand) and we started from scratch.

And lo – after much pain, many (more) grey hairs, blood, sweat and even a few tears – TimeAppsule was born.

*Please note – despite raiding our life savings, no children or pets were deprived of meals or treats during the making of TimeAppsule.